Monday, August 25, 2008

My Wallet!!

On August 21st, I lost my wallet. :-( When I rode on the train, I tried to take my wallet from a rear pocket, but there wasn’t my wallet! I had no idea where my wallet was and why my wallet had been lost. Still I don’t know where it is. In the wallet, there were many important cards such as cash card, point cards, student identification card of Aoyama Gakuin, and a coin which Joe gave me. I’m really disappointed with losing my important things. I’m sorry, Joe. I hope my wallet will be found!!

I want to write comments and respond to email more quickly, but it’s hard for me now, for I don’t have my own PC. I want my own PC, so I’m doing part-time job almost everyday all day long to buy my own PC (laptop). I work on even the nightshift. As some know, my part-time job is security guard. Now, definitely, I work not for the security, but for the future laptop! =) I’ll let you know when I get laptop.

Hey, Mike, school will start back on September 22nd!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I’ll Be Back

I’ve eaten ramen for four days in a row. Ramen is my favorite Japanese food. I also like white rice. When I ate American food, I really missed Japanese food. But now, I missed American food, everything in America!! I want to go back to Maryland. I really miss you all. The past two weeks had gone so fast. It was like a dream. Thank you for giving me such a special experience. This program sets me off to work hard to study abroad. I’ll study hard and be back to America. I want to say thank you to Heather, Nina, Mike, Joe, Nikki, and AGU members.
I’ll keep blogging as long as something important happens.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Final DC

On Tuesday, we went to DC again. Sadly, this was the last time to go to DC in this program. First, we went to the Capitol Building. This building was on an alert. So, we were done security check many times. As you can see from this picture, I sat down on some congressman’s big chair. I felt I was in the center of DC! But real center of DC was in other place. We stood on the center point and felt that we were at the center of DC!! Then we walked the inside of the Capitol Building. There were a lot of statues of heroes and pictures. After that, we went to see the White House. I wanted to go into the White House! Then we went back to College Park, and ate delicious dinner. Yesterday, as until now, was gone in a flash….

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Time

Yesterday, we were invited to Nikki’s house. Her house was very big and like an amusement park. We ate really delicious hamburgers and hotdogs which Nikki’s father cooked. And Nikki’s mother cooked white corn, it was also very nice. Then we played games such as Wii, billiards, pinball, basketball. All of the games were exciting!! Nikki’s house was like an amusement park. The happy time had gone so fast. Through the experiences, we all could realize American culture keenly. Thank you Nikki and her family!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


In the morning, Senpai and Saaya and I ran with Nikki. We ran around beautiful lake. Senpai was not tough.

Wonderful Day!!

The day, 8, August, was like a dreamy day! In the morning, we took the bus to Baltimore and drop in American Visionary Art Museum. The art drawn by OCD person was really interesting. Then we ate lunch at INNER HARBOR where many Otaku gathered to attend Otacon. We took pictures with some of them. Then we rode on Water Taxi and enjoyed pedal boating. The pedal boating was really hard but enjoyable! After that, we played card games and headed for baseball stadium. It was one of my dreams to watch major league baseball game. I was really excited to watch real major baseball game!!! So, I took so many pictures. This game is never forgettable. I wanted to stay there forever!! We were really tired, so most of us fell asleep in the bus. This is the most memorable day!!


We went to the Inter-American Development Bank. The lunch in the building was very cheap and good! After the lunch, Japanese employees of the bank gave us a fascinating lecture about their work. Then we were allowed to enter the conference room where the governors of the bank gather and held conference. I want to be there someday!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

New News Museum

Yesterday, we went to the Newseum, where many historical objects are exhibited and some movies about news history are shown. There were many spot we can learn about media and news history. Especially, I was riveted to the spot where the objects of 9.11 were exhibited. Even now, I can’t believe such disaster occurred. I saw lots of newspapers concerning impacts of 9.11. These newspapers taught me the real impacts of the terrorism on America. And I also watched one short movie. This movie was composed of some interviews on eyewitness of the attack. This movie was really moving. The message from a girl who is looking for her father was told me the real sadness of the tragedy. I can’t imagine how they were bowed by grief. I wish such disasters could never happen forever. Then I walked around China town and enjoyed dinner. After dinner, we went back to the College Park and played billiards with Mike. We all enjoyed a lot. But I have to say sorry to Mike for kept him so late. Thank you Mike!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Shopping at Pentagon City

Yesterday, I went shopping again. This time, some members were tired of shopping, so they stayed at College Park, others went Pentagon City (including me). Despite the members went shopping were only 9, there were 5 English speakers, because Joe brought his tow friends, Junior and Koran.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lunch with Japanese learners

We met with some students of the University of Maryland who are studying Japanese. We were split into groups, and each group enjoyed lunch with them. My group included high school students. We talked about our hobbies and school life. Since they talked at a very quick pace, it was hard to understand the whole contents they talked. But I think, actually I hope, the communication succeeded! We could know each other very well. Then we played billiards and bowling together with another group. The games were very exciting! It was really precious experience that I can communicate with people who have the same purpose as we have.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Tour from Alexandria to Georgetown

Yesterday, we went to Alexandria and Georgetown. Sky was so clear! At Alexandria, first, we went into chapel where the Sunday mass was held. We saw the mass and took a lot of pictures. This experience was really precious for me. After the mass, we went shopping and lunch. The restaurant where we ate lunch seemed rich! So the dishes were very delicious. Then we had boat cruising to Georgetown. The boat cruising was really comfortable and fine!!! In Georgetown, we went shopping again. There were many famous shops we’ve seen in Japan. I bought a short-sleeved shirt. We enjoyed a lot. Finally we went dinner. I ate Singaporean noodle at Chinese restaurant. The dish was too spicy to eat, but I managed to eat the whole of dish! Then we went back to QI and went to bed so quickly. Since we covered very long distance, we were really tired.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

First Post from Maryland

Hi, my name is Masatoshi. I live in Yokohama in Japan. I’m a freshman of the Aoyama Gakuin University. My major is international communication. I’m studying very hard at the University. I’m participating in this program because I want to improve my English skills and know the American culture. This trip is my first trip abroad, so I was a little bit nervous at first. But now I’m very excited to come to such a comfortable place! My first impression of America is everything is bigger than Japan. For example, the road is broad and the University is very large like a small town, and foods are really big size! Although the taste is good, it is always hard to eat all of them. Anyway, I’ll enjoy this program!