Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Where Is the Truth?

On Nov.3, I turned up on 911 Truth International Conference which was held in Tokyo. This conference's main aim was to figure out the truth of the tragedy on 9/11, 2001.

We, assembly, listened to the lecture made by mainly Yumi Kikuchi and Dr. David Ray Griffin. Yumi Kikuchi is a Japanese famous woman who investigates the 911, and also translates many American books into Japanese to spread the idea that we have to know the truth of the 911 for the sake of our world's peace among Japanese. In short, she pursues the world peace. As for David Ray Griffin, he is American theologian who investigates the truth of the tragedy on 9/11.

Yumi showed us many video digest concerning about the 911, American military policy, and victim of the Iraqi war. There were many surprising facts. For example, in America, military spending adds up to more than half of the Federal Government's annual discretionary spending. More that half is too high. This shows that America is addicted to war. This is very sad fact.

Dr.Griffin pointed out many omissions and distortions in the 9/11 Commission Report. All of them were convincing and I could not help thinking that something is wrong with the 9/11.

If you are interested in his way of thinking, take his book "The 9/11 Commission Report:Omissions and Distortions"or"The New Pearl Harbor". Also one of his books has already translated into Japanese by Yumi Kikuchi, so you can read his book in Japanese. (If you really want to read, I can lend you the book.)

In this conference, I could know many new ideas and facts based on firm evidences. And I think American government should investigate again so that people can trust American government.

It's definitely wrong to lead people to the wrong way like WAR.

Our final conclusion in this conference was that "We have to investigate the truth for the sake of our peaceful life."

By the way, next president will be elected very soon, so I expect next president to investigate the 9/11 again and stop the WAR like Iraqi war.
We hope peaceful world!
Nina, please make up a schedule for the next chat ,because some couldn't come because of their busy schedule. We all want to chat with you!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Second First Post

I bought a new my own laptop! I tried to buy it with cash, but I realized it was hard for me to buy new one until September ends. In my plan, I could buy it within September. But until September ends, I have to finish the report on American culture, which is the assignment of this AGU program in Maryland. This means, I can't do part-time job everyday as I did in August. My original plan collapsed! So, I changed my plan and bought a new laptop on the installment plan. This post is the first post from my new laptop.

And from this summer vacation, I started to study for TOEFL(Test of English as a Foreign Language), because I want to study in America! Today, I tried to register for a test at Aoyama Gakuin University, but I couldn't register. It seemed already full! I was really disappointed. I hope for someone to cancel registration.

......Still, I can't find my wallet:-( I almost give up the wallet.

Monday, August 25, 2008

My Wallet!!

On August 21st, I lost my wallet. :-( When I rode on the train, I tried to take my wallet from a rear pocket, but there wasn’t my wallet! I had no idea where my wallet was and why my wallet had been lost. Still I don’t know where it is. In the wallet, there were many important cards such as cash card, point cards, student identification card of Aoyama Gakuin, and a coin which Joe gave me. I’m really disappointed with losing my important things. I’m sorry, Joe. I hope my wallet will be found!!

I want to write comments and respond to email more quickly, but it’s hard for me now, for I don’t have my own PC. I want my own PC, so I’m doing part-time job almost everyday all day long to buy my own PC (laptop). I work on even the nightshift. As some know, my part-time job is security guard. Now, definitely, I work not for the security, but for the future laptop! =) I’ll let you know when I get laptop.

Hey, Mike, school will start back on September 22nd!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I’ll Be Back

I’ve eaten ramen for four days in a row. Ramen is my favorite Japanese food. I also like white rice. When I ate American food, I really missed Japanese food. But now, I missed American food, everything in America!! I want to go back to Maryland. I really miss you all. The past two weeks had gone so fast. It was like a dream. Thank you for giving me such a special experience. This program sets me off to work hard to study abroad. I’ll study hard and be back to America. I want to say thank you to Heather, Nina, Mike, Joe, Nikki, and AGU members.
I’ll keep blogging as long as something important happens.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Final DC

On Tuesday, we went to DC again. Sadly, this was the last time to go to DC in this program. First, we went to the Capitol Building. This building was on an alert. So, we were done security check many times. As you can see from this picture, I sat down on some congressman’s big chair. I felt I was in the center of DC! But real center of DC was in other place. We stood on the center point and felt that we were at the center of DC!! Then we walked the inside of the Capitol Building. There were a lot of statues of heroes and pictures. After that, we went to see the White House. I wanted to go into the White House! Then we went back to College Park, and ate delicious dinner. Yesterday, as until now, was gone in a flash….

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Time

Yesterday, we were invited to Nikki’s house. Her house was very big and like an amusement park. We ate really delicious hamburgers and hotdogs which Nikki’s father cooked. And Nikki’s mother cooked white corn, it was also very nice. Then we played games such as Wii, billiards, pinball, basketball. All of the games were exciting!! Nikki’s house was like an amusement park. The happy time had gone so fast. Through the experiences, we all could realize American culture keenly. Thank you Nikki and her family!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


In the morning, Senpai and Saaya and I ran with Nikki. We ran around beautiful lake. Senpai was not tough.